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    About Us

    About Us

    Fashion Par Kitchens is a local, family-owned business that takes pride in our clients and pride in our work. Established in 1978, we provide full-service remodeling and new construction work in order to give our clients the peace of mind that they deserve. “The Fashion Par Experience” begins with a consultation with one of our experienced designers and ends with a beautiful, functional new space that you can enjoy for years to come.

    The experts at Fashion Par Kitchens take the time to truly understand the wants and needs of our clients before designing a project. New construction, renovations, or design changes in your home will involve making many decisions, and, understandably, people don’t always realize how stressful this situation can be. But we are here to help with both budgeting and practical recommendations for what you need. After the design process, we will then provide professional installation services that are second to none. Our experienced installers will have your project completed with excellent quality, on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

    Kitchen Renovation Cedar Rapids

    The Best Way to Minimize Kitchen Renovation Problems

    When you try to get the best kitchen renovation in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, you need to make sure you don’t end up spending more than the process is worth. Thankfully, there are many ways that you can enhance this process while decreasing the amount of money you spend. The following tips should help you out in this situation.

    Pay Attention to the Little Costs

    When you’re going through a kitchen renovation, you need to pay attention to the small elements of your design and the building process. Though they may not seem immediately obvious, they can become quite expensive if you aren’t careful. For example, many people may spend thousands of dollars on upgrades that ultimately don’t add as much value to their homes as they wanted.

    For example, you may try to install expensive marble countertops in a home with a value that is far below what marble could do for its cost. Simply put, many homes have an inherent quality based on many factors, such as the neighborhood around them and much more. In this scenario, adding marble is only going to make your home cost more than most people would be willing to pay.

    Counter to this problem is adding upgrades that are below the value of a home. For example, Formica may be a beautiful look for many homes but is not considered a high-value upgrade. As a result, you could find that adding it to your kitchen only decreases the value of your home. Talk to renovation and real estate experts about this process to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes.

    Create a Consistent Look

    Consistency is critical to any renovation project. Too many people go through this process in a piece-meal fashion because they don’t have money for a complete overhaul. That limitation is understandable but can be an issue if you don’t take the time to match the design of your kitchen with what you have available. This problem particularly becomes an issue if you try to force upgrades.

    For example, you may have a traditional kitchen that doesn’t quite meet your style needs. You want something more up-to-date and contemporary. However, you often can’t force this kind of style change in a kitchen without paying a lot of money or performing upgrades that go against the natural look of the home. Doing so would create an incoherent look that may be quite unattractive.

    Just as importantly, you need to utilize upgrades that make sense for your kitchen space and which look as attractive as possible. These include changing up your cabinets, enhancing the hinges, adding new countertops, upgrading your floor, and renovating your walls by repainting them. Take these steps in a simple, streamlined, and focused manner to create the overall look that your kitchen renovation needs.

    Should You Chase Trends?

    The kitchen renovation process is often a balance between upgrading certain items while leaving others alone. Many may take the time to add items to their kitchen that are based on the most recent trends. Trend chasing requires you to stay on top of the latest upgrades and newest innovations. You then need to take the time to add these to your kitchen in a way that makes the most sense.

    For example, trend-chasing does have its upsides. First of all, you may find it easier to sell your home. Most buyers want homes with the most upgraded looks and high-quality styles. However, you may also find that these expenses cost too much for your home. Even worse, you may chase the wrong trends and end up with something in a kitchen that simply doesn’t meet your needs.

    Examples of these kinds of failed trends include the George Foreman Grill. While it initially sold millions of products, it ultimately ended up in more yard sales and Goodwill stores than as a critical part of a kitchen. Therefore, you need to make sure that you only seek out trends that genuinely seem to enhance the quality of your kitchen. You may need to speak with experts if you don’t have that understanding.

    Don’t Mess With Certain Elements

    Lastly, you should take the time to examine the overall design and placement of the plumbing in your kitchen. You may be tempted to change up this aspect, such as moving a sick to a new spot on a counter. However, this step will add hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to your kitchen renovation project. Even worse, it may not result in a significantly improved look for your home at all.

    For example, you may find that moving your water and gas lines will cost a lot of money while only enhancing the look of your kitchen a little. Even worse, you may find that the original placements were the best and made your kitchen look the most attractive. Therefore, you need to take the time to fully consider this step before you try changing any critical plumbing fixture.

    That said, there are situations in which you may need to change the plumbing. For example, you may find that you get better water flow with new pipes or by relocating your sink to a different area. This choice is one that you need to take very seriously and properly perform to ensure you don’t run into any issues. Thankfully, most professionals should be able to help you with the step should you choose to take it.

    Get the Help That You Need

    As you can see, the best kitchen renovation Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer may be an excellent investment for your home. So please contact us at Fashion Par Kitchens right away to learn more. Our experts have years of experience and can help you get the high-quality kitchen that you need for your home.

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