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    About Us

    About Us

    Fashion Par Kitchens is a local, family-owned business that takes pride in our clients and pride in our work. Established in 1978, we provide full-service remodeling and new construction work in order to give our clients the peace of mind that they deserve. “The Fashion Par Experience” begins with a consultation with one of our experienced designers and ends with a beautiful, functional new space that you can enjoy for years to come.

    The experts at Fashion Par Kitchens take the time to truly understand the wants and needs of our clients before designing a project. New construction, renovations, or design changes in your home will involve making many decisions, and, understandably, people don’t always realize how stressful this situation can be. But we are here to help with both budgeting and practical recommendations for what you need. After the design process, we will then provide professional installation services that are second to none. Our experienced installers will have your project completed with excellent quality, on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction.

    Bathroom Remodel Cedar Rapids

    Tips for a Great Bathroom Remodel

    A high-quality bathroom should be as comfortable as possible and give you easy access to a great place to do your business work. Thankfully, the following tips can give you the best bathroom remodel Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer Just make sure to reach out to get help if you need it to ensure that you don’t make any installation mistakes.

    Enhance Your Ventilation

    All bathrooms need ventilation and get it in many different ways. However, you may find that your bathroom remodel project requires you to add new ventilation to make the room more relaxing. These steps can include adding a variety of new windows or better fans to your home. These steps also help to enhance the quality of your bathroom and your home in many beneficial ways.

    For example, you can add a bathroom fan that pulls out smells and brings a little oxygen into the room. Try to connect these vents in such a way that they create a regular flow of air that is hard to top. You may also want to tweak the fan as you go to ensure that it runs smoothly. Often, these fans can be quite loud and need to be adjusted appropriately to keep them from becoming too distracting.

    Critically, you should try to add some windows when possible, particularly higher on the bathroom wall. High bathroom windows give you sunlight and a little air without letting people see inside. Talk to your renovation expert to decide which approach is right for you. Then, they can work on a great bathroom remodel that will create a look that is as appealing as possible for your needs.

    Putting Up a Little Plant Life

    One of the first steps to take in a bathroom remodel is to add a few plants to the area. Plants produce oxygen and make a room feel more open and alive. Just as importantly, they absorb waste air to eliminate any breathing troubles you may have developed. And plants simply look beautiful, particularly if you pair color options in a bathroom that is otherwise devoid of bright colors.

    For example, some people add a whole shelf dedicated to just plants in their bathroom. This shelf should be large enough to hold many different plants and have no difficulty supporting them without falling. Try to place the plants as near to the sun as possible. This step helps to make them grow more effectively and also creates an attractive look that is hard to top in your bathroom.

    How many plants should you try adding to a bathroom? That all depends on the size of both the room and the plants. For example, a few small plants can produce a pretty steady flow of oxygen that enhances the quality of your room in surprising ways. Just as importantly, though, you may want just one plant because it will be easier to style and place than many small ones.

    Add a Little Room With a Recesses

    Often, the bathroom gets the short end of the stick when it comes to space during a bathroom remodel. People may only pay attention to living areas and make the bathroom just big enough to work. This step doesn’t have to be the case if you are quite smart, and when you need a little extra room for your bathroom. For example, you can utilize recessed areas in your bathroom to make your bathroom feel more substantial than average.

    For example, you can place your lighting fixtures in a ceiling recess to clear up extra headroom. You can also install items like medicine cabinets, toilet roll holders, and much more in these recessed areas. While it will cost a little extra to take these steps, it can be very beneficial if you find that your bathroom is just too small or feels too tight for your overall needs.

    Is there anything that you can’t recess? Well, any item that is too hard to fit into your wall should be avoided. These will vary depending on the design of your bathroom and the things that you have in there. Anything that you might immediately need should probably not be recessed. For example, a pull-out sink seems nice in theory but is often quite hard to execute and may look quite strange anyway.

    Using Colors in Smart Ways

    The color of your bathroom shouldn’t be something you toss off without a thought. Instead, it needs to be adequately examined in detail to ensure that you get the best possible style for your home. For example, you should try to use colors that match your bathroom’s size and overall look. Smaller bathrooms often do best with whiter shades because they make it feel more open and alive.

    However, you may want to use darker colors if you have a larger bathroom. These colors help to make a room feel a bit smaller. In small bathrooms, this shrinkage can be too much and may make a place feel too little. That said, larger rooms may feel too excessive with white colors. Darker ones will help them feel homier while still retaining their beneficial overall look and size.

    What color should you paint your ceiling? When getting a bathroom remodel, you should always paint your ceiling white or off-white. Trying to experiment here is always a mistake because a dark ceiling is almost always too much for a room of any size. Even if you have dark places in a larger bathroom, you should still use a white ceiling to create a more open feel and an appealing color contrast.

    Finding a Great Bathroom for Your Needs

    So if you want the best bathroom remodel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, please contact us today at Fashion Par Kitchens to learn more. Our experts can take a look at what your home has to offer and perform simple repair and renovation steps. Each of these steps will be run by you to ensure that your bathroom gets remodeled in a way that makes it more comfortable and relaxing for your needs.

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