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image of a pool in the backyard

Creating a fun outdoor space around your pool all starts with creating the right pool house. Your pool house is a place where you can store everything that goes with your pool as well as provide an additional living space while hanging out around your pool. Making this space feel complete can be done by making a few additions.

Add a Kitchen

While you’re hanging around the pool, it can be a bit of a hassle to go to and from the house for food. You can make everything more convenient by adding a kitchen to your pool house. You can store food for parties or whenever you’re hanging around your pool. You can also cook, host meals, and serve everyone without needing to travel back to your house. The kitchen you add doesn’t need to be extensive. It can be simple and suit the needs of you and your family. Consider the basics like a sink, stove, and fridge.

Paint a Mural

Around your pool house, you want to create a lively and inviting environment. The way you decorate your space will set the tone for everything. One way to create your desired tone is by painting a mural either inside your pool house or on the outside walls. Painting a mural on your pool house wall can add meaning to your outdoor space. Your mural can be of a landscape you enjoy, images that you like, or even of people in your life. You can get creative with your mural and make it a personalized area. Make sure that whatever image you paint on your wall still adds to the environment and makes it a fun space to be in.

Include Plenty of Storage

Your pool house should include storage for a variety of reasons. First, it’s essential that you have room for everything you use at the pool. This includes extra towels, pool toys, cleaning supplies, extra chlorine, and more. You also want to have storage for the off-season when you aren’t using your pool. You can put everything away so it doesn’t get ruined over the winter. For example, you can store any outdoor furniture you have in your pool house.

Your pool house acts as an extension of your living space while you’re spending time outside. You want to make sure you include everything that will make it more convenient and comfortable for you and your guests.

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