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What makes a home feel warm and inviting is its character. A home can come with a certain amount of character based on its overall style and quirks. However, you can always add more character to your home, personalizing it to more accurately represent your own character and style.

Hang Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to add more character to your home is to hang wall art. Art speaks for itself, with each piece telling a different story or part of a story. You can either get one style of artwork for your entire house or choose different styles for affecting different moods in various rooms. In general, larger pieces make more of a statement, so you may consider putting a large art piece in your living room where many guests will see it.

Add Color

Colors can greatly affect mood and ambiance. Changing a room from a neutral beige to a bright red completely transforms the space. While you can make entire rooms bold colors, this might be a little out of your comfort zone. If you want to add color to your home but are worried about adding too much color, add hints and accents of color for a subtle effect. A backsplash adds color and texture to your kitchen walls. Colored cabinets can be a fun focal point. Accent pillows add a pop of color without overwhelming a space as an entire colored couch might.

Put Up Personal Photos

For your home to undoubtedly be yours, you can put up personal photos of yourself and your loved ones. Other people may have the same art pieces in their homes as you do, but they won’t have the same family photos that you do. With photo printing becoming much more popular in recent years, you have many options of dimensions and materials when it comes to your own pictures. One choice that you may want to consider is canvas printing since it eliminates any glare. A canvas finish will help your photos blend in more seamlessly with any painted art pieces around your home.

Your home should be recognizably and uniquely your own. When guests come to visit, they should feel as soon as they step in the door that this is your home. Adding character to your home will make it much more enjoyable to visit and live in.

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