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image of bathroom that is under renovation

Your bathroom is one room in the house that can look worn down after a while because it is a high-traffic area. However, you can easily change up your bathroom, even with a tight budget. Some simple changes you can make are to add more light, just change the color, and update the fixtures.

Add More Light

Light can elevate any space in your home, including your bathroom. Light helps create a happy and peaceful space. If you currently have a window in the bathroom but it filters too much light or is covered, you can make simple swaps to help more light come through. You can replace the window, or just get some coverings that will give you enough privacy while allowing light. You can also add or replace light fixtures. You could add a chandelier for luxury, tube sconces around the mirror, or recessed lighting. Utilize LED lighting to increase the brightness of the room.

Just Change the Color

Changing the color can change the whole look of your bathroom. There are many ways to do this. Painting your tile can help achieve a brand new look without spending a lot. You can also easily change up the wall color by adding a fresh coat of paint. If you have a vanity or other cabinets in the bathroom, you can also change their look with a new color.

Update the Fixtures

A simple swap you can make is to start with the fixtures. Old fixtures can make your bathroom look outdated easily and look dirty from years of buildup. You can find a new, simple faucet for a low cost. You can also swap out the door and cabinet hinges to match the finish of your new faucet. Another easy way to elevate the décor is to add knobs or pulls to your existing cabinetry. You can get creative or keep it simple with these and still achieve a nice look. An additional change you can make is a mirror swap for a more stylish one. Choose as many of these options as your budget allows.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start to change up your bathroom. It doesn’t need to take a lot of money and you can change things one at a time to get the look you want. Start with the easiest, budget-friendly change and go from there.

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