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Whether or not you’re thinking of selling your home, doing home improvement is a great investment of your time and money. Home improvement projects are a great way to customize your home to be just how you like it. However, before beginning any projects, make sure you’ve gotten the correct permits. 

Adding a Fence

Adding a fence to your property can be a great investment. Practically, it keeps people and animals from entering your property. It can also add to the curb appeal of your yard as well. However, before you begin building, it’s important to ensure you have the proper permits in place. Depending on where you live, there are different restrictions placed on what you can do without a permit. Do some research into your local laws regarding fencing permits. It’s better to be prepared and avoid any fees you may incur by not getting a permit.

Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great eco-friendly choice for a home improvement project. These panels convert solar rays into energy, and can drastically lower your energy bill. However, before installing anything, you need the proper permits. There is a lot of bureaucratic paperwork that needs to happen before solar panels can be installed. However, the solar company you go through can often handle most of it. Again, check into your local safety and zoning requirements in regards to solar panel installation. Once the paperwork is out of the way, you’ll be able to install your panels and get to saving. It can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to start using your solar panels.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

If you find yourself needing to rework any of the plumbing or electrical wiring within your home, you’ll need to file a permit. Examples of this include re-piping, replacing your water heater, and moving plumbing to a different area. However, plumbing and electrical permits aren’t just required for big renovation products. It’s important to check your local guidelines whenever you’re doing a home improvement project. Even something as simple as moving a light switch often requires a permit. 

Conducting home improvement projects not only makes your house better for you, it can also increase your home’s value. However, when completing any project, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the correct government permits to do so. With any project you do, check with your county and state regulations to see what permits you need to get.

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