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Whether you are getting your home ready to resale, or you are looking to improve your home for the benefit of your family, you may be wondering if there are any hidden issues within your property that could use some TLC. No matter your reason for investigating these potential problems, it is always a good idea to be on the lookout for hidden issues to ensure that these problems are taken care of as soon as possible. Here are a couple of things to keep an eye out for.

Aging Plumbing

As your home ages, so does its plumbing. Corrosive particles will eventually accumulate on the inside walls of your pipes leading to future problems like reduced quality of water, inefficient water consumption, and issues with your showers, toilets, sinks, and drains. If not maintained, you may land yourself in need of some very costly repairs. For this reason, if you are seeing signs of aged plumbing—like leaking fixtures, stains in your walls, or water discoloration—you may be past due for some plumbing renovations.

Pest Infestations

Though they may seem small and insignificant, pests in large numbers can cause major damage to your home. Often, these little critters work in obscure parts of your home, wreaking havoc on your home’s structural integrity. Pests such as termites are good at hiding, so you should look closely for potential problems. Signs of termites include damage to the wood or, in extreme cases, foundational problems like a drooping roof.

Roofing and Gutters

Even though the roof and gutters aren’t hidden elements of a home per se, they still often go unnoticed by homeowners (out of sight, out of mind—right?). And given that your roof and gutters protect the home from the outside elements, it is extremely important that they are well maintained. Ideally, you should have your roof and gutters inspected at least once a year. So, if it has been a long time since you have taken a look at your roof and gutters, you may be in need of a renovation or two.

Hidden issues in a home are often the most detrimental and costly because they can go unseen and, therefore, unresolved for a long time. Nevertheless, you will minimize your chances of having to pay more out of pocket for repairs if you fix these issues now rather than later. Involving an expert home inspector in your investigation will help ensure that no problem remains undetected.

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