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Bathroom remodels or resurfacing can take the space from being purely functional to a space that is enjoyable to look at. This is another room that you can customize to fit your unique style. Finishing touches that take your bathroom to the next level are the décor, fixtures, and lighting.


Your décor allows you to really personalize your bathroom. This will help take it to the next level from being purely functional to being a room with character. A simple finishing touch to your bathroom décor would be your color palate. You can utilize color on the walls, in tiles, in fixtures or accessories. Wall art is another piece that can help elevate your space. Utilizing treated canvas is a great option because it is water resistant and won’t break the bank. Utilizing these will help you further add character to the walls and customize the space.


Fixtures are an important part of your bathroom. These can be standard, or they can be statement pieces. Fixtures need to be functional first. They need to be easily usable and be efficient. Once you have got the function down, you can work on elevating everything by finding a way to make them great statement pieces. Ensure that the fixtures you choose fit within a larger theme of the room, not distract from it. As Buy Bulk Hardware points out, there are a variety of plumbing fixture options you can choose from, depending on the style and function you want. There are many colors and finishes which can help you tie in your bathroom design.


It won’t matter how your bathroom looks if there is not enough or the wrong lighting. Your lighting fixtures are important, but it is also important to have the right amount of lighting. Your bathroom is a place that needs to be functional. It needs to have the right amount of light to be able to see, especially if you are getting ready for your day in this space. According to Wolfers, you can use layered lighting to make sure that your lighting is balanced and adequate. It can also be a place that provides a calming atmosphere. There are many options for lighting such as up-lighting, wall sconces, and small chandeliers.

The décor, fixtures, and lighting of your bathroom are finishing touches that will take it to the next level. Utilizing these finishes will help you to customize the space and make it one you can enjoy. Choose items that reflect your unique style.

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