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Many homeowners are always on the hunt for new ways that they can add value to their home for cheap. To do this, most people focus on major renovations and remodels, DIY home improvement projects, and major undertakings that cost a fortune and have a lower rate of return on investment than other projects. One area that many homeowners don’t think about when trying to add value to their home is interior design. Here are three simple and easy interior design tricks that you can use to add incredible value to your home.

Change the Color Scheme

The first interior design trick that you should use to add value to your home is to simply change the color scheme of your home. By changing up your color scheme, focusing on neutral colors like beige, eggshell, white, greys, and grey blues, you can give your home a timeless and forever popular look that will increase the value of your home exponentially. Even just the fresh coats of paint that you are going to use are a great way to give your home a value boost, and the color change is only going to add on top of that.

Improve the Lighting

Another interior design trick that can add immense value to your home is improving the lighting in your home. Too many homeowners underestimate the importance of lighting in the mood and appearance of your home and improving the appearance will result in a major boost to the value of your home. Improving the lighting in your bathroom can make it appear bigger without having to change much. The same can be true of closets, your living room, and other spaces in your home. Find ways to improve the lighting in your home and you can add thousands of dollars in value to your home.

Focus on Organization

A well-organized home is difficult to achieve. There are a lot of elements to organization – decluttering, storage space, workflow, and efficiency, etc. that making them all work in unison and harmony is almost impossible. Which is why changing the interior design of your home to focus on organization can lead to major returns on value of your home. Simply by getting your home organized and finding ways to incorporate organization in your home to increase your home value exponentially.

Owning a home means constantly searching for new ways to increase your home value. And while renovations and remodels can be a smart way to go, simple interior design tweaks can add tons of value to your home. Try any of these three interior design tweaks to increase the value of your home.

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