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After having spent so much time in your home during the pandemic, you know how powerfully four walls can affect your mood! Even though a lot of things have opened up, being in one place for long enough likely has given you ideas on how to improve it. Maybe you want it to be more peaceful. Maybe you prefer rowdy happiness. Regardless of what you’re trying to feel, you can use your home to boost your mood!

Use Bright Colors

Your color palate doesn’t need to be a loud magenta in order to be mood-enhancing. Nevertheless, bright colors do tend to draw the eye and shift your mood to happier thoughts. Best Life recommends finding a way to incorporate brighter, summery colors into your room’s palate. This might include a showstopping contrasting wall, or it might mean a bright cushion or piece of furniture. Bright, happy colors can boost your mood!

Improve Natural Light

Improve the natural lighting in your home the best you can. This includes jettisoning closed curtains and shades, and trying other techniques. According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, glass shower doors improve visibility by allowing more light into your shower. Washing windows can make a huge difference by themselves. Try tossing curtains and using a patterned cling film on the lower half of your windows instead for an automatic sunshine boost.


If you want your home’s feeling to shift, there’s no way to do that like getting rid of some of the stuff collected prior to the pandemic. Often homes become clogged and overwhelmed by little sections dedicated to clutter. Even if benign, if an item is not useful or needed, it usually needs to leave! Once clutter leaves your home and goes elsewhere, The Guardian says this can do more than just make more space, but also change the mood of your home. That includes something as simple as walking around with a trash bag and throwing out anything not of use or help to you anymore. It can be as simple as looking at a bookcase and seeing knick knacks that don’t serve you any longer. Release them and feel your home’s energy shift!

It’s time to boost your home’s happiness level before the holidays, and you’re completely capable of that. Bring bright, happy colors into your rooms, whether that is by painting, changing furniture and textures, or adding happy cushions and fabrics. Clean the windows and improve your natural lighting. And, of course, toss that junk everybody has!

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