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Selling your home takes more time and work than you may anticipate. There is a lot you need to do beyond simply listing it to get your desired result. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to help attract potential buyers and sell your home faster.

Spruce Up the Exterior

The outside of your home is the first thing that buyers will see, so if your curb appeal leaves something to be desired, it is time to focus on it. One way to improve your exterior is to repair or replace your siding. Wood siding weathers over time, but you can replace it in sections as needed. A full siding replacement can be a major project but may be necessary based on the condition of your siding. Flowers, whether planted in your front yard or in planters on your front porch, make your home seem more friendly. Make your front porch seem more inviting with comfortable seating and a wreath on your front door. You may also want to update your exterior light fixtures at your entryway, and at your garage.

Paint Your Home

Nothing livens up an exterior like a fresh coat of paint. This is especially true if your house has not been painted in over five years, or if the color seems dated. Some studies show that painting your home increases its value. Paint protects your exterior from the elements and extends the life of exterior materials. While house color trends change all the time, warm earth tones like greens and blues are generally seen as inviting and comfortable. Whites and creams are popular paint choices and provide a nice neutral backdrop for potential buyers. Whatever color you choose, make sure it is not anything too loud that would deter buyers. 

Fix Major Eyesores

Even if you take good care of your home, there may be features that have become dated, or eyesores that you have not even noticed are there. One eyesore might be right underneath your feet. Hardwood floors can easily become scratched or chipped over time. Refinishing your hardwood floors is a good investment that will help you sell. Bathrooms and kitchens are the two most frequently renovated rooms in a home. If your bathroom has outdated fixtures or brass hardware, it may be time for a renovation project. To renovate your bathroom to attract buyers, focus on the aesthetics like color, new tile, and nice hardware. Create a bathroom with a timeless look that can be personalized by new owners.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is one of the best ways to sell your home. Most buyers are looking for a house they can move right into without a lot of major projects, so they will be looking closely at your kitchen. If your cabinets are damaged or outdated, consider repairing or replacing them. You can purchase kitchen cabinets from a home improvement store, or order custom cabinets. A custom kitchen adds value to your home that can’t be achieved with stock features. If your cabinets are in good condition, adding a nice coat of paint, or sanding and restaining them can make a huge difference. Opt for a simple color scheme, and try not to spend more on upgrades than you can expect to see in a return on your investment. Your real estate agent can help you figure out the best features to renovate to get the most for your money.

Redo Landscaping

Making improvements to your landscaping is another way to help sell your home. Dead or dying trees, overgrown lawns, and bushes, and other landscaping issues can detract buyers. Improving your landscaping can help make your home more attractive and well-maintained. In the front yard, cut your lawn, and fertilize as necessary. Trim and replace dead plants and plant flowers or flowering bushes. In your backyard, add trees for shade and plant easy-to-maintain, attractive plantings.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Adding more energy-efficient features to your home can make it more attractive to buyers. One way to make your home more energy efficient is by upgrading your appliances. New washers and dryers used less electricity and water, and some even come with smart home features like remote start. Solar panels continue to be popular features and can save you lots of money on your energy bill. Homebuyers will appreciate you upgrading these energy-efficient features in your home so they won’t have to.

Update Flooring

If your flooring is worn out, damaged, or simply outdated, updating it can add a lot of value to your home. Flooring is one of the top things buyers will be looking at when they tour homes. If your carpet cannot be revived with a deep cleaning, it is time to replace it. If you have the budget to replace linoleum or other types of flooring with real hardwood floors, this is an investment you will see a return on. Laminate flooring can give the look of hardwood without the price, making it another good option. If you have tile floors, replace any cracked tiles and deep clean the grout.


Something you can do to attract buyers that will take your time but not cost a dime is decluttering. When potential buyers tour your home, clutter will divert their eyes from the nice features of your home. Decluttering can help a room seem bigger, which buyers will appreciate. Your clutter may be masking potential issues in your home, like scratched floors or a hole in the drywall. Decluttering helps create a blank slate in a potential buyer’s mind, helping them be able to picture themselves living in your home. 

In a competitive real estate market, you want to put your best foot forward. It will not do to list your home and hope for the best, you will want to put some time and effort into making your house look its best. You will be thankful you did once you find the right buyer willing to pay the right price.

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