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Remodeling can be an improvement to both home life and home value, but the last thing you want is to make changes that are no longer on trend two years’ time, or simply don’t function for you and your family in the future. Instead of investing in trendy or cheap remodeling ideas, try to focus on creating a usable space that will continue to function practically and stylishly in the long term. Figuring out lasting remodeling plans will keep them lucrative in the future and make your home a better place to be now.

Choose Timeless Designs 

Many homeowners are tempted to jump on the latest trends with their remodel designs. However, trends tend to be short-lived, and following them too closely can lead to your home being completely out of style in a very short time period. It’s better to choose timeless designs for your remodel and use accessories to match the latest trends. That way you can easily change them out with the trends and avoid spending a lot of money and time on something that isn’t going to last.

Use Low-Maintenance Appliances and Materials 

Another problem can be choosing to use materials and appliances that require more maintenance than you can give. You want to create a space that looks good now and will continue to look and work well in the future without a ton of effort. This is where choosing low maintenance materials, like quartz, for example, comes in. Quartz countertops don’t need to be sealed and are generally a low-maintenance finish. That means that you can use your kitchen for all kinds of projects and meals without worrying about damaging your counters. Stainless steel appliances and microfiber or leather furniture are other low-maintenance ideas.

Think about How You’ll Use the Spaces 

If you get too caught up in how your space will look you can sometimes make problems for the future, becoming so focused on form that it loses all function. So instead, make it a point to focus on how you are going to use each room in the home and find ways to multipurpose your space. This can look like converting an extra room into both an office and a guest bedroom, or  choosing furniture that can also hold storage.

The more you think about the goals behind your remodel, the more prepared your home will be for the future. Worrying about trends is not nearly as important as smart as focusing on timeless choices. Whether you are in your home for decades or eventually decide to sell, a future-proofed renovation will benefit you.

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