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Having your home renovated always sounds like an amazing idea…until you’re in the midst of it! Then it can get increasingly stressful, if you haven’t progressed like you wish you had! What are some ways you can prepare in advance to make sure you can avoid as many issues as possible while having a renovation?

Consult With Professionals

Like with any major financial expenditure, according to Homelight, it’s good to have counsel from a couple of different experienced professionals before you begin a renovation job. This could include asking friends who they preferred using for a contractor, and what the costs and timeline ended up being. Talk to several licensed professional contractors to estimate costs and timeline for your particular remodel, and choose someone who is experienced. Experience is not cheap, but it does save money in the long run! An experienced professional can help prepare you for what you will need for financing.

Work Out the Financing

Money is a critical part of any remodel. According to Pierce Design + Build, you should have a clear idea of where the money for the renovation will come from. There are few homeowners who can pay out of pocket for such work. You need to know how much you need from your estimates, and then how you will find finances for what you need to do. Make sure to add in a little extra for complications, which invariably arise. You will need these estimates for the next step in your preparation.

Get It In Writing

You’re going to want everything above board, and although sometimes there are indeed changes as you go along, it’s critical to make sure you know the plan and timeline of your contractors. According to New Hampshire Home Magazine, you need to make sure your contract includes general costs and needs of the contractor. It’s important to have a summary of materials, and other needs, and also what individual items are estimated to cost. You won’t be able to know exact costs, but especially in a market where there have been so many fiscal changes over the last year, it’s always a good idea to have estimates so that you are not surprised.


Your beautiful kitchen awaits you, but you need to do some preparation first! Make sure to get your estimates, and check with several different professionals before deciding who is your contractor. Get your finances in line, and sign those papers! Enjoy your lovely new home!


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