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The primary reasons for a home remodel are either because something needs fixing or you are ready for a change. Regardless of which reason has propelled you toward your next home renovation, there are areas of your home that you simply cannot overlook forever. Throughout time, certain features become less efficient and more rundown. If you haven’t replaced the following items in a while, the perfect time is during your next home renovation.



Countertops provide a lot of practical and aesthetic value to your home. In a kitchen, a high-quality countertop can be a major selling point. People spend most of their time in the kitchen, so it is important the surfaces they are working with are high quality and damage-resistant. Damaged countertops that are warped, have scratches, burns, or any number of general wear and tear are harder to work on and generally decrease the monetary value of your home. Fully replacing damaged countertops with durable material, like granite or quartz, will ensure easy maintenance and increased longevity.



The flooring in a house doesn’t have it easy. Ground surfaces put up with foot traffic, pet claws, spills, things that fall by the wayside, and anything else you can imagine. With so much back and forth, so much dirt and debris, it is a wonder floors hold up as well as they do. With that in mind, the carpet in your home should be replaced about every 10 years. Hardwood and other surfaces will depend on the durability and foot traffic, though it is generally recommended it is replaced around 15 years. One sure sign that your tile needs replaced is when the grout begins to crack. This indicates the tiles are pulling away from each other, and the grout no longer has integrity to hold them together. If you have hardwood, doing a resealing every 3 to 5 years and a refinish every 7 to 10 will greatly extend your flooring lifespan.



Replacing the windows in your home transforms the exterior and interior of your home instantaneously. When you replace your existing windows with updated windows, you increase their ability to insulate. Increased insulation directly impacts the reduction of energy bills and will help limit outside noise. New windows also filter UV light better to promote the overall health and well-being of your family. In terms of cost, window replacements are much less expensive than most other projects. Improve your home’s energy efficiency and your view to the outside world by replacing old windows with updated, improved ones.



Windows are not the only renovation you can make to increase energy efficiency. You can reduce drafts by installing an energy efficient door in your home. The constant opening and closing, along with the constantly changing outdoor elements can take their toll on your door. Wet and dry elements sneak their way into your doors design which can make it difficult to seal the opening properly or open all the way. When you choose to replace your door, you help insulate your house and provide savings from an energy and general maintenance perspective. Keep your home stylish, up to date, and safe with a door replacement.


Garage Door

A replacement of your garage door will also impact your ability to be energy efficient. By reusing the existing motorized opener, statistics show that a new garage door will pay for itself, as about 95% of your resale costs are associated with the motorized section of your garage door. Most old garage doors weigh more than the new and improved ones which consequently require more energy to open and close. A simple upgrade can help insulate your garage, protect your belongings, and be more efficient. Plus, it’s a great chance to improve the exterior design of your house with much less cost.


Outside Siding

Overtime, the outside elements take a toll on the exterior of your home. Wind, rain, hot and cold temperatures, and debris can wear away the integrity of your exterior siding. There comes a time when you need to replace the siding on your home. If your siding has cracks or holes in it, animals, moisture, and mold can creep inside and deteriorate the skeleton of your house. Failure to keep the outside elements from coming in will cause further damage to your home. Replacing the siding on your home will not only prevent mold and poor insulation, but it will significantly add to the home’s curb appeal being customized exactly to your tastes.


Repave the Driveway 

Over the course of your driveway’s life, water and small debris sneak their way into the cracks. With the natural melting and freezing temperatures throughout the year, the expanding and contracting intruders will create more cracks and damage to your driveway. For added safety for those walking on your driveway and your vehicles, it is wise to repave every few years. Repaving the driveway can prevent you from needing a total driveway replacement sooner than expected and will significantly increase your home’s curb appeal. 



One of the most expensive home renovation projects you can do is replace your roof. Unfortunately, it is a natural thing for a home’s roof to need to be replaced. Your roof is the most crucial part of your home, as without a well-maintained roof you open the door to outside elements that will start affecting the structural integrity of your entire home. A new roof will extend the life of your home, prevent leaks and intense water damage, enhance storm drainage, increase your energy savings, and act as the first defense against damage control. Save on future costs by replacing your roof when you have the budget and availability to do so.


By performing renovations on your home, you increase the equity you hold in your home. Additionally, curb appeal and overall satisfaction with where you live significantly increases. During your next renovation, stay on top of maintenance and avoid costly damage by including one or two of these items!

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