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Kitchens face the majority of a house’s wear and tear simply because of how much people use it. And, when deciding to renovate, your kitchen is also one of the most expensive due to the number of appliances and degree of utility it needs. As you plan your design and create a budget, here are the best places to splurge and save, and where it’s up to you!

Where to Splurge

Even if you’re on a tighter budget, there are still areas worth paying for higher quality over others. For instance, choosing stainless steel for your new appliances may be more expensive, but ultimately is worth the investment considering how much you’ll use them. The oven and stovetop, fridge, and sink, for instance, will be used practically every day and so will quickly lose their clean and updated look unless they’re made of something quite durable. Counters are another important consideration, both because they add a lot of style to a kitchen and they are used so often. You only need to clean granite with soap and water to maintain it, so splurging on more expensive options such as that one will be smart in the long run.

Where to Save

With the pricey things out of the way, where can you skimp a bit and do some DIY? If you’re trying to give your kitchen an updated look at a low cost, you don’t have to buy the most expensive decorations or even replace your cabinetry. Repurposing or thrifting items for decorations, sewing new things like seat cushions or curtains, and repainting cabinets and light fixtures can really cut down on expenses while still giving your kitchen a whole new look!

Where You Can Go Either Way

There’s plenty of things that should be left up to you—and it all comes down to, what is the pain point of being in your kitchen, right now? Kitchen floors can be very problematic, but what material you replace your current floors with can be either expensive or not depending on what you’re willing to spend and still look great. The same goes for the walls, the backsplash, and smaller fixtures like cabinet and drawer knobs.


A kitchen is oftentimes described as the heart of the home, so doing a bit of renovation every now and then is always a good idea. If you’re going all out on your kitchen renovation, however, you’ll still need to make lots of decisions. Think about where you want to invest more of your budget and where to save before making a purchase!


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