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Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in your home, but are also some of the most highly trafficked! Making your bathroom look or feel bigger can make these frequently used spaces more comfortable. Using bright colors, glass shower doors, and minimalist shelving, you can elongate the space in your bathroom, simultaneously turning aesthetic elements into functional ones!

Use a Bright Color Scheme

According to Wow 1 Day Painting, light, bright colors like varying whites or light blues, greens and browns soften space and make the room more reflective. These colors reflect light well as opposed to dark, absorbent colors; that reflection adds openness to the space. Light colors also make decorating simple—finding accent colors for a neutral backdrop or neutral decorations for a colorful backdrop create an easy balance. Painting walls floor to ceiling or using a light-colored pattern from floor to ceiling extends the length of the walls to the human eye. Earthy tones like grays or browns offer a versatile backdrop for accent colors if you want the ability to change up your bathroom design with any frequency.

Install Glass Shower Doors

According to Clearview Frameless Glass and Mirror, traditional shower curtains and doors cut off space. Using glass shower doors as a kind of invisible barrier makes the area look like it extends as far back as the shower walls. It also allows more natural light into your shower, which brightens the entire space, and you can utilize the tile of your shower walls as a decorative element that would otherwise be pointless! Some may be deterred from the idea of a glass shower door because of the maintenance required to keep it clear and clean, but simple cleaners like vinegar can also cut through that scum easily. Having a clean glass door adds to the aesthetic value and makes your bathroom look more open.

Add a Ledge

Shelving is an opportunity for both decoration and function. According to Emily Henderson, adding a simple ledge around your vanity area, on an empty wall, or in your showers provides storage space for the necessities of your bathroom purposes. Make functionality an aesthetic appeal! You can use this ledge as an opportunity to mix up materials in your bathroom, using wood for a rustic feel or steel for a modern one. Preventing chunky storage units or excessive things on your bathroom floor will make your space feel organized, simple, and bigger!

Though your bathroom might be small, there are plenty of things you can do to make it look bigger. Use good colors, good storage, and make the space as open as possible and help this essential room of your home feel like a spacious one.

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