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While the idea of working on a fixer-upper can feel exciting, when the time comes to get started, it can be a little overwhelming. Take a minute to remember the potential of your space and breathe so you can put things in perspective. You aren’t in this alone, so look through these tips and call on your support system to get things done.

Redo Major Rooms

Choosing a major room to start with can give you direction and streamline the process. Rooms like the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms are important spaces that will bring the home together. According to MyMove, even just making small choices like the appliances and fixtures you want for those major rooms can help you to envision the space more clearly and start to feel inspired for the remaining projects. Start by planning out one or two of your major rooms, then start implementing the work and design ideas for the rest of the spaces will begin to come together.

Hire a Designer

If you are on your first fixer-upper project, it is important to remember that it is a big job and it is okay to ask for help. According to Complete Dezign, interior design can be a complicated process to plan out and execute. Having a professional to help you along the way can help you to understand the space better and get a better idea of what you want. With the help of an interior designer, you can look at each space and think about how it flows to figure out what changes need to be made and what things you would like to stay the same. A professional eye may be just what you need to get past the difficulty of getting started.

Choose Something Small and Impactful

When you are feeling overwhelmed about starting your fixer-upper, choosing a small project can get your foot in the door. Often that feeling of being overwhelmed comes from a false perception that you can’t get the project done. According to Apartment Therapy, by tackling something small and manageable with a big impact, you can prove to yourself that you have what it takes. Painting the best room in your fixer-upper can be a good starting point since it will make the room look better and show you that you can finish a project and make things look better. 

You took on the project of a fixer-upper because you were inspired. That means that you have ideas and the potential to make something beautiful happen. Don’t be afraid to put aside your fear and stress to remember the potential you saw in the home and get started on your beautification process.

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