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It’s critical to have a peaceful and soothing environment. Every piece of your furniture and room must be able to serve the purposes you need. It’s natural, after a year of pandemic, to be more than ready to change up things in your home. How can you promote a soothing environment within your home?

Choose the Colors Carefully

Choosing the colors for both your walls and accents can be overwhelming. Find a picture, stock photo, or take a picture of a scene that gives you feelings of peace and tranquility. Take that picture with you when choosing paint colors, and match paint colors to that photo. If the colors “go together” in the picture, then they will be in your room as well. Think of accent colors as the scarves, jewelry, or hats to a room—you don’t need too much, and what is there should coordinate with the other pieces.

Avoid Clutter

This tip is difficult but important. If you want your space to feel calm and soothing, the least amount of visual clutter which exists there, the better. There is no amount of organization that can be useful unless you choose to get rid of things you do not use, love, or need. Using this simple option is life-changing. If it’s difficult to get rid of because you “should” love it, or otherwise feel guilt surrounding it, take a picture, and let it go. It can bless the home of someone else. The less clutter you have, the more peaceful your space will become.

Add Nice Furniture

Furniture is a complex addition to any room. You should save and buy the best quality furniture that you can afford. If you live in a place where second-hand is an option, that can also be a great option. There are often high-quality, beautiful pieces available. It’s also important to think of your family and their needs. If your choice is between raising a child and yelling at them to not smudge white leather for a decade, raise the child instead. Find furniture which has a good texture and color to support your primary wall color. In most situations, it’s best to complement your room with furniture rather than try to match it completely. When doing so, if getting pieces scotch-guarded or otherwise protected is a good idea.

Let in Plenty of Natural Light

One of the best ways to reduce stress in a room is to have plenty of natural light. This is in direct contradiction to heavy curtains and blinds of years past! Privacy is important, but beautiful light from the outdoors is critical to the health of a home. When creating a soothing space, don’t cover windows, of course. Allow them to be as open as is possible and keep them clean. Natural lighting has been known to reduce blood pressure and anxiety. It helps one of your other best and most soothing options, the plants in your home, as well. Keep shades open whenever possible, and consider using lighter options if you need privacy.


Plants help rooms have better, more soothing atmospheres. It’s best to get things that are low maintenance if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb. This isn’t as difficult as you think!  There are many plants which only want watering weekly, and not much in winter. Those moving are often happy to offer their plants to others. Plants filter the air and offer oxygen in return. Make sure any animals you have are away from your plants, or that your plant friends are safe for your animal friends.

Hide Your Wires

Every family in America probably has at least a few outlets where wires are trying to be a snakey mess. Between wireless devices which need charging, and new equipment coming in, minimizing your wire mess is critical. If you can diminish the wires, do so. Perhaps there is a bin that can contain devices and their associated wires. For larger things, like WIFI routers, it’s possible to purchase a camouflage option—a box with book spines on one edge, or a container that looks like a chest

Make Your Room Fit You, Not You Fit the Room

Your home belongs to YOU, not to the people who live in a catalog, and not to your neighbors. Life is too short to make yourself fit another person’s space. If a bright orange couch makes you grin every time you walk into your room, decorate around that color scheme and get the couch! If you love books, decorate with shelving. If you love plants, decorate with plant life. Your world is for you and your family. If your family loves anime, not antiques, that’s fine! If your family loves antiques, not anime, that’s also fine.

Clean Spaces Feel Better

As nice as it would be to not need to vacuum, dust, and clean, if you want a truly peaceful space, it needs to be clean! Clearing out whatever is kicked under couches, vacuuming behind them, dusting and wiping window sills and blinds can make a massive difference in a home. Do not get overwhelmed! Your room doesn’t need to be perfect! Begin where you are, and do one thing, and then one more. Often, the best accessory in a room is a trash bag ready to go to the local thrift store!

Your home reflects who you are and bringing calm aspects into it can change your personal feelings and capabilities. You don’t need a pile of containers to be able to declutter, and you don’t need special equipment to be able to clean up. Get rid of what you don’t use or love, and then let what’s left guide you to what might be needed in your room. Then, redecorate with colors and textures you love. Pretty soon, your room will reflect you and bring you peace.

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