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Interior of modern kitchen with wooden cabinets

Upgrading a kitchen’s design and look often starts by creating high-quality cabinets that you love and which enhance a home’s looks. Thankfully, the best kitchen cabinets Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha, Iowa has to offer can provide you with many unique design opportunities for your home. At Fashion Par Kitchens, we try to focus our customers and clients on the following traits for their homes. Doing so should help to make it easier for you to get the overall design and style that you want for your house.

Styles That Rock Your World

When choosing kitchen cabinets for your home, you have two different options – framed and frameless. The differences between the two are quite stark and will set the tone for your home in many ways. For example, frameless cabinets eliminate the face frame and let the doors and drawers attach directly to the cabinet box itself. This style produces a reasonably modern look that is an excellent update on various styles set up over the years.

By contrast, framed cabinets have a box and a face frame. The doors and cabinets attach directly to the frame to help produce a stronger level of rigidity and support. Though they may seem more old-fashioned than frameless options, they are often more durable. And they have a sturdy and reliable design that makes them easy to integrate into a reasonably wide variety of different homes, thereby making them easier to use.

So which are right for your home? That all depends on the look and style that you want, as well as the money that you want to spend. Typically, you’ll pay more for frameless because they are often harder to set up and adjust. However, framed cabinets may also cost more because of the frame but usually last longer than frameless options. As a result, you have a few choices here and need to work with your cabinet manufacturer to find the right one for your kitchen needs.

Features That Transform Your Kitchen

You may not think that your cabinets have a lot of features from which you can choose. However, that isn’t entirely accurate. A growing number of cabinets have a myriad of design elements from which you can choose, each of which is unique to specific manufacturers and which can ensure that your home is as secure as possible. Let’s examine a few of these features to get an idea of what to expect and why they may add up to 20 percent or more to your cabinet values.

In a modern kitchen, built-in charging stations help to produce a high-quality of electrical flow that makes them very beneficial to a home. And smaller storage compartments are hidden throughout the kitchen cabinets also help to make a kitchen a more accessible place to work and prepare food. Simple options like these help to make a home more comfortable and a more natural place to host company.

Other features you may want to consider include a spring-loaded shelf, built-in appliances, a pull-out trash bin, and full-extension drawer guards. Know that each of these will obviously add to the cost of your cabinets and make them more expensive and harder to maintain. That said, the many benefits that they provide more than make them worth considering for your home, particularly if you want a home that is comfortable and relaxing.

Integrated Lighting Brightens Your Kitchen

The kitchen can often seem like a boring or drag place in many homes because it may lack a lot of lighting. For example, kitchens don’t always have the kind of open windows that you find in other rooms due to cabinets, accessories, and appliances. However, there are many ways that you can fight this problem. For example, integrated lighting has become a popular option for many homes.

Although this option will cost you more money when installing kitchen cabinets, it is often a great idea. For example, you can add a light to your drawer that goes on the moment you open the drawer. Under-cabinet lighting is also a great choice because it helps to brighten up preparation areas and makes it easier for you to cut, slice, dice, mix, and prepare your many great dishes for family members and friends.

And often, these fixtures have built-in plugs – which we’ve mentioned before – that and even a USB port. As a result, you can charge your appliances and your smartphones while you work in the kitchen. Even better, you can hook up a Bluetooth speaker to your USB port and play some of your favorite tunes while you cook or eat. All while you are bathed in relaxing light coming directly from your cabinets.

New Finishes Help Make Your Cabinets Beautiful

Lastly, it is essential to consider the benefits of a high-quality finish for your kitchen cabinets. In the past, the general design belief was that lighter cabinets were inherently more beautiful or attractive than darker ones. As a result, you typically see a lot of these designs in many kitchens around the nation. The reasons for this belief included more natural adaptability of design by focusing on a softer and more subtle style.

However, recent trends have moved away from this style and have, instead, focused on colors such as gray, chai, and even white. The reasons for this change probably have a lot to do with recent home improvement shows on television. These shows often focus on creating a neutral tone that makes a home more adaptable and more comfortable to sell in many different marketplaces across the nation.

Others have even gone for darker or more complex tones and textures, believing that they produce a more stark and attractive look. So which finish should you choose? As always, the answer depends on your design needs. If you have a small kitchen, darker finishes are not a good choice because they can make a room feel smaller. But if you want to create a surprising style, you may want to focus on darker or more varied mixed finish options.

Do You Need Help?

As you can see, the best kitchen cabinets in Cedar Rapids, Marion, and Hiawatha, Iowa provide the kind of high-quality design and strength that you need to keep your home looking great for years to come. Beyond that, they also create a stronger kitchen capable of withstanding many different problems over the years. So if you want the best cabinets that your money can find, please call us today at Fashion Par Kitchens to learn more. Our experts are skilled at providing the kind of high-quality work that your house needs to stand out from your peers and others around you.

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